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I braved the depths of the Internet, an impending Squee Apocalypse and heart palpitations to bring y’all smiles from our favorite Brooklyn Boys.

I was supposed to write a story to go along with these pics but my brain just shut down entirely.

Again, smiles from these two dorkbabbus need to be reclassified as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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Whee! President America!


Thank you for more PA photos
The bunny in my head was either Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Barnes out on a date a good several months AFTER the Battle of New York or the official announcement that “Yes, Captain America and Sgt. Barnes have been sweethearts for years and just got married.  Also, they are disgustingly, sickeningly, blissfully happy.” - The last quote is from Tony, because, of course, it’s Tony.  :P 

My bunny is this is in the SPOILER term after the SPOILER in SPOILER and after Bucky SPOILERS.  And after the news leaks about the new SPOILER everyone freaks out so they drag Bucky in for damage control and he is charming and on point and it’s the first time the whole team’s been happy in months- so real, actual, happy smiles all around.

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kinginawolfsuit asked: hey so coincidentally i just watched the same episode that last anon did and i was also totally wrecked by josh's storyline (josh is my favorite character and wow "i want to support my friends in times of tragedy and celebrate with them in times of triumph" i'm ruINED). but also yes i would like to offer the image of president steve rogers delivering the speech at the end of that episode, and saying "our eyes looked toward the heavens, and with outstretched fingers, we touched the face of god."

I’m not gonna lie, I’m having a lot of fun picking out speeches for Steve

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Anonymous asked: hello yes i would like to issue you a complaint because i have been avidly following President America and i love it and it's absolutely incredible. so i went back to rewatch the big block of cheese episode of the west wing bc it's been forever since i've seen the first season of the west wing and i thought it'd be good to watch a funny ep. and now i am sitting here crying at my computer bc Josh and smallpox and Ave Maria and i'm just. i needed to vent my tears so i'm telling you


He’s such a problem

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Anonymous asked: Hello President of the President America AU! I'd just like to thank you for the absolute gold that this AU is and also: about the Winter Rogers ouch thanks a lot for this pain (and ps I'm on my wayward to actually watching West Wing, I've put it off for long enough now )

nothing about this ask is wrong in any sense of the word. You’re welcome for President America, I’m sorry about Winter Rogers, and have fun watching West Wing! Watch out for the feels. It’s okay if you cry over a napkin. It’s okay.

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WS!Steve Alternate Helicarrier Fight Scene


{entirely from the evil brilliance that is shortsighted-owl-lion}

{ETA: Now with Bucky’s POV!}


Owl: Unlike WS!bucky, I think steve would still have most of his memories, the serum ensured that, but what is worse is that his programming glitches and he basically has two settings, full winter soldier or full steve, with only some memories being exchanged between transitions - this makes him even more dangerous and erratic.

Me: So that makes it worse, because Steve already got away, this is Cap 3 shit really, Steve’s broken free of Hydra and SHIELD and Bucky still finds him on the carrier {because Steve *knew* Bucky would be there, somewhere, and would be in danger} because he needs to keep Bucky safe/James Barnes is his mission and Bucky *has* to fight him. He just has too. This is a Bucky who only got whatever Zola did to him after Azzano. He doesn’t have the training, the conditioning, that he had in Cap 2, what Steve has, and Steve had more to begin with. This is Steve at his most brutal, which we haven’t even seen in canon, versus TFA Bucky with some SHIELD training and half the dose of the serum. Bucky has to fight Steve. Bucky has to fight Steve with his shield, even.

- - - - - -

Pierce revealing that Bucky, that his best friend, is his mission.


Bucky has to recognise the emotion in Steve’s body, his movements to determine if he is friend still or if the programming has wrested Steve away from him again.


Steve would be so damn protective, like the causeway fight would be such a mess because they’d both be running towards the other to provide cover and then suddenly Bucky’s blocking a knife aimed for his head.


They are stuck in that glass belly of the helicarrier - when the programming breaks Steve is gasping, crying, screaming for Bucky to stay away because “I CANT, BUCKY YOU HAVE TO GO, PLEASE, please….”

And the programming snaps back and he has his hands around Bucky’s throat, and there is no emotion in his eyes and Bucky is almost as broken as the look Steve gives him when Steve comes back and see what he’s done, dropping Bucky and scrambling away and screaming because “HE DOESN’T WANT THIS BUCKY PLEASE JUST LEAVE-“


Bucky can’t speak yet, can barely breathe so he just shakes his head, NO, he hasn’t even gotten the damn chip switched out yet, and he’s gotta or basically everyone he likes in this god-forsaken century is gonna die, Steve and himself included. They’ve done this routine before, on the causeway and in the SHIELD cells and in New York Bucky’s done with it, he’s ending this today, Steve never backed down from a fight, but Bucky always ended his, and he’s gonna end this. He’ll burn Hydra to the ground for what they did to Steve, and if he has to search through ash to find all the parts of him they stole, he will.


And Bucky’s, circling, maybe maybe if he can distract Steve, keep the programming back long enough, he can save this, he can save Steve, so he talks, he talks and talks as he inches towards the console the chip in his hand “it’s alright, Stevie, remember…. I’m with ya, with ya til the end ‘f the line pal, I swear it”

And Steve, he is physically holding himself back, trembling and quaking, blood runs down his face as his nail bite into the flesh of his head, SAVEBUC-he is your-KY-mission’ and he’s screaming.


He’s just gotta stay alive for 3 more minutes, save the world, stop Steve from trying to kill him, and stop Steve from trying to kill himself to stop him from killing Bucky.


Bucky is done, he can feel the bullets lodged in him, he’s done his job to the world, he needs to finish his.

An Steve, he’s a wreck, stuck beneath the metal beam, his arms held in such a way he can’t use his strength, and he’s begging, pleading with Bucky to go because he can’t stop, he can’t, “I’M SO SORRY PLEASE LEAVE I’VE ALREADY DONE SO MUCH LEAVE ME PLEASE” - but Bucky ignores him, levers him free and the Winter Soldier is on him, snarling and feral, lading blow after blow and Bucky takes it all. He just wants Steve back one last time, maybe… Maybe they’ll go down together, finally peace.

And he feels the glass begin to fracture beneath him, hears the spiderweb cracks travel and chase and that’s when he looks through his bruised eyes and sees Steve above him, arm raised, with so much horror in his eyes that it hurts, Steve is bringing his arm down, to hold Bucky but the glass gives and Bucky is free falling, weightless as Steve watches from the broken belly of the helicarrier-


Bucky’s still awake, he thinks. He feels Steve’s hand on his arm but then it’s gone, something breaks and Steve’s shouting, he’s getting smaller-no, he’s getting farther away, Bucky’s…falling? He’s falling out of a damn Hydra plane again, but he can’t seem to care. He didn’t care the first time, either. This time is better. Steve’s there, Steve’s with him, and Bucky looks at Steve, where Steve was at least, as he falls until he slams—


ididntgrabhim NononoNoOno


He’s moving, but he’s not walking—
soaking wet, water in his ears and mouth and lungs-
jesus fuck, everything hurts

“It’s okay Buck, I got ya. I got ya.”
That’s….he knows who….did he fall into the Hudson? It’s so cold…

He’s on the ground now, out of the water, and something’s pressing over him

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry Bucky, I’m so sorry” over and over again in his ear, why sorry, why’s anyone sorry for something they did to him?

“I’m so sorry I can’t- I can’t—” they’re crying now and that’s wrong no one should cry over Bucky, especially—who? There’s a pressure on his forehead, on the side of his face, and then nothing.


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some people really need to watch more episodes of The West Wing because I can hear their reactions in my head and I want to ACTUALLY see their reactions in my inbox

chop chop

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Owl just sent me my half of the WS!Steve Helicarrier fight scene

It’s all from Bucky’s POV

so do i post that now, or

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Anonymous asked: hi so i just noticed in one of your president america posts (the steve plays beer pong one) you mention president xavier? are certain x-men going to be background characters in the story? (also president xavier wow i have to admit i read it and actually started laughing with joy so yes even if that's the only mention thank you for putting it in there you have made me very very happy <3 <3)


I uh, don’t know much of X-men outside about half of the movies, but there may be some familiar names and/or faces as needed.

I’m glad you liked the name-drop, though! Xavier seems like he’d be a pretty decent President, plus it helps set up Steve’s run to the White House

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