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Anonymous asked: Imagine Bucky not long after falling off the cliff and being captured by Hydra. They keep wiping him, but he keeps managing to hold on to something: that Steve will save him - only to break and give in upon finding out his best friend is dead.


the first few times they tried to wipe him, it didn’t take. he was too strong, too smart, too goddamn stubborn for them to take away more than a few memories, half-forgotten anyway, nothing he would miss. he knows, even after the wipes start taking away important things (the first time he bandaged up steve in their tiny one bedroom flat; the color of his sister’s eyes, dead for years, but he could always remember those eyes; the way his ma would laugh when he said something stupid; steve’s small frame held against his, trying to keep out the worst of the cold) that somehow, some way, steve will find him. steve will appear above him, just like he did before, larger than life and strong enough for both of them. except, well, steve doesn’t come. it’s been weeks now, the wipes taking more and more of him away (he can’t even remember his name anymore) and the only thing he knows for certain is that steve will come for him. but it’s hard, it’s so hard, to keep fighting, to keep resisting the wipes when the only thing he can hang onto is steve’s name and the certainty that he’ll come. it’s almost a relief then, when zola appears above him, mouth twisted into a cruel grin, whispering “your steve is dead, my boy. nobody’s going to come for you now,” and finally, finally, he lets go 

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Anonymous asked: Bucky's still getting used to being in 2014 and he and Steve are watching TV when there's a gay couple on the show, and at first Bucky's confused and asks Steve about it and Steve just shrugs like "yeah, some people are gay. It's not really a big deal any more" and Bucky realises that he may not have to hide his sexuality any more


the first avengers press conference that bucky attends goes down in history for causing the most reporters to become speechless simultaneously

the first question they ask bucky, predictably, is what he likes most about the future

“hmm, well, i guess my favorite thing would be how accepting people are nowadays”

"can you give us an example?" one of the reporters, a fierce looking woman in the front, manages to shout above the murmuring crowd

"uh yeah, i guess. i mean, i’m not scared of coming out anymore, so that’s nice"

utter silence. no one moves. somewhere in world nick fury feels a headache coming on

"are you coming out right now?" it’s the same reporter from before and she looks like she just saw god himself 

"oh wow, yeah, i guess i am. i’ve been looking into it some and since i like dudes and ladies i’m bisexual. so yeah, bucky barnes here, resident bisexual”

the avengers are grinning hugely, giving bucky little nudges and slaps on the back, while the reporters try and get their shit together so they can try and get the news out first

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